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I'm so excited that you have taken the time to read more into who we are and what we do. We are not your typical body contouring service as we focus in detail on the things you are doing outside of our treatment to maximise the results that we can give you. We want every person to feel empowered and equipped to get the results they want! We review how things are going with each follow up treatment and allocate time to ensure our clients are clear on what they should be doing when they leave. For us results are everything and aside from the health and safety of our clients the number one priority!

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My Story

Most of my personal network was completely surprised when I announced I was going into the body contouring business! Although once I explained why it made complete sense! My background professionally is in banking and finance! At university I studied Applied Science and Business. Science was my passion but the desire to set myself up financially led me into banking where I spent a decade of my life! Through out that time I continued to study nutrition and had a keen interest in the biochemistry of the body. Health and ultimate wellness were my drivers. During this time I had a number of personal challenges before finally starting my own family which are now my absolute driving force in life! With 3 small kids the idea of going back to a corporate role was no longer motivating and I wanted to restart my career in an area that I was truly passionate about. I had used my knowledge and the tools I had available to me over the years to help many people to achieve health/weight results they wanted and now I wanted to explore the opportunity to immerse myself completely in continuing that journey! So why body contouring? I saw this as an opportunity to help people both in my clinic and out! I focus on helping them to achieve the results they want with both nutrition/lifestyle and the technology I have at my disposal. I fell in love with cryolipolysis (Fat freezing) after seeing amazing results. I read the numerous studies that can be found on the technology and was blown away with the clinical data that backed it up. As I researched further I discovered how many tools were available to address those areas that really are difficult for some people to resolve. I have personally been on a journey of weight loss and finding myself after having 3 kids very close together.  I know what it feels to be fighting fit, feeling and looking great and what it feels like to be 20kg over weight, unfit and uncomfortable in my own clothes. I am excited to be in a process of getting myself back and know the joy it brings to be your best self, but what excites me more is helping many of my clients achieve the exact same thing. If I can help someone have that bit more confidence, feel that bit better about themselves and be a healthiest they can be then I feel like I have achieved all that I hoped to achieve when I stepped into this business. I hope this gives a little bit of insight into me and my business and  I look forward to meeting you at some point in my clinic.

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